Neptun Mastersoft

The best price –value

The Neptun Mastersoft is really an easy to handle soft line having very good knot strength. The excellent quality and the economical 200 m make up makes it popular for the fishermen. Super casting properties.






Diameter F-test*
0.16mm 2.20kg
0.20mm 3.40kg
0.25mm 5.10kg
0.30mm 7.10kg
0.35mm 9.00kg
0.40mm 11.50kg
0.50mm 17.30kg
Available as:
200m, 5000m


10 pieces / color paper box
(in case of the 200m ; connected spools)

Color: Green


*F-TEST figure does not conform with tensile strength value measured in laboratory.
F-TEST value shows the tensile strength of the line under natural circumstances, while fish is exposed to buoyancy in water, it does not conform with the tensile strength value measured under artificial laboratory conditions.