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By the advent of nylon fibre, fishing lines played an Important part in this dynamic renewal.Our firm, which was founded in 1996, produces and sells polyamide copolymer technical lines, and as a family enterprise, is still unique in Central and Eastern Europe. The profile of our firm is to produce fishing lines in great varieties of size, type and color and in different make-ups. While size ranges from 0,10 mms to 3,00 mms, make-up ranges from spools of 100 m to bulk spools of 2-3 kg. Our firm is a member of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA) from 1998.Ever since humans have been on this Earth, fishing has been in close connection with our everyday lives. There was a time when fishing only served as living, but in our days it tends to serve mostly pleasure and sports. In comparison to the beginning of time, the tools used for fishing now have developed considerably, this process soon became powerful and expanded further in the 20th century.