Filament Royal Supermatch

Original quality you can trust

High performance line with excellent knot tolerance. This is the most popular product for years maintaining the requested constant quality for the day by day fishing. Universal soft line with optimal strength factor. Its longitudinal and cross strength parameters are excellent. Abrasion resistant, resists chemicals and UV radiation. Practically it has no persistent elongation and twisting deformation.





Diameter F-test*
0.10mm 1.40kg
0.12mm 1.75kg
0.15mm 2.40kg
0.17mm 3.60kg
0.20mm 4.30kg
0.22mm 5.20kg
0.25mm 6.50kg
0.27mm 7.30kg
0.30mm 8.40kg
0.32mm 9.90kg
0.35mm 11.30kg
0.40mm 14.30kg
0.45mm 17.00kg
0.50mm 20.40kg
Available as:
100m, 5000m


10 pieces / color paper box
(in case of the 100m ; connected spools)

Color: Smoke grey


*F-TEST figure does not conform with tensile strength value measured in laboratory.
F-TEST value shows the tensile strength of the line under natural circumstances, while fish is exposed to buoyancy in water, it does not conform with the tensile strength value measured under artificial laboratory conditions.